Monday, 9 April 2018

Day 1 - Swimming (Commonwealth Games)

Day 1 - Swimming (6/4/18)

On the first day of our commonwealth game journey we went to the swimming. We had 3 New Zealand swimmers that day, Sam Perry, Corey Main and Lewis Clareburt. Sam Perry made the 50M Fly and the 100M Free in the finals along with Lewis Clareburt qualifying for the 400M IM earning the bronze medal. He also qualifyed for the 200M Fly that night placing in the Top 10. Corey Main qualifyed for the 100 BK and placed 4th overall. All of them did amazingly well for New Zealand. The last event of the day was the 4 x 100M womens relay. The Australian team did amazing with Cate Campell, their last swimmer broke the world record for the relay team! She was amazing and it was awesome to be their to witness a world record broken! Here are some photos I took at the Optus Aquatic Centre. I don't have any from that night because my photo lost all its battery.
 Here is Corey Main's qualifying time for the 100M BK
and this is the queue to get into the centre.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Australia/Gold Coast Commonwealth Games!

Yesterday my family and I flew to the Gold Coast for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
We get to stay at my cousins place. Today we went to SkyZone. SkyZone is the largest trampoline park in Australia. We got to go into the city as well and have lunch. It was a lot different then New Zealand because Brisbane has a lot of skyscrapers. Last night we seen a lot of geckos and lizards as well around the pool. I took a photo of one as well. Here are some other photos of my trip so far. I also have a video of a new flip I did at SkyZone:

Hope you enjoy my first update of my trip. I have a load more to come!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Sea Fever Poem

Through the Day

Running across soft sand
Dodging shells that cut into skin
Long brown hair flowing like the tide
Currents falling into place, so thin

Jumping off the wharf
10 m high
“BACKFLIP!” I yell.
I feel like I’m alive

Dancing with the sun
Fish catching food
Eating fish’n’chips…
Seagulls are in the mood

Night sky sparkling
White stars shining so bright
We say our goodbyes
As we walk into the dead night…

By Nyah

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Hermit Poem

Hermit Poem

Reading along, fingernails growing, I am scared
Sitting on my seat, scratching my grey beard
1 year down, 6 to go,
I have nothing to eat, I’m feeling a bit low

Looking around, taking in what I see
The bees buzzing, happy as can be
2 years down 5 to go,
I ate everything, still feeling low

Doing my reading
My toes started bleeding
3 years down, 4 to go
I’m feeling sad, maybe I should go

4 years past
The sky looking vast
7 years down, 0 years, Yay Me!
Now I can say; I’m Free!

By Nyah